Thunder Hill Cinema is a collective of filmmakers in Baltimore, MD. Our platform aims to support the local film industry. Though we host content, we are not interested in exclusive rights to material we do not produce ourselves. Instead, our distribution model generates exposure for local creatives who face a media landscape that drowns out the little guy. This platform fosters an organic cross-pollination between media-makers and new viewership, letting great content speak for itself.

business Model

  Thunder Hill Cinema offers a membership package that grants viewers access to the platform. Members then have the option of purchasing tickets to individually priced items for exclusive access. Prices are set by content creators alongside our platform. Paypal charges the only transaction fees (deducted from ticket prices). Thunder Hill Cinema LLC. processes transactions to pay content creators their full ticket price.

  Membership subscriptions go to employing those who maintain our online streaming service and to contracting artists in new media pursuits. We fashion ourselves a low-level redistribution platform, directing funds into the hands of Baltimore's own.

Content Producers

Interested in seeing your media content hosted by Thunder Hill Cinema? We love to see it! You make this platform dynamic. Let's harness the creative genius of Baltimore.

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